Still Ground Cables

ZenWave 14g Litz wire consists of over 1000 runs of individually insulated UPOCC copper! 

ZenWave Still Ground Cables are made using ZenWave’s exclusive 14 gauge UPOCC copper Litz wire, which is arranged into a flat shape, the enamel insulated stranding woven around a flat film core to reduce inductance as much as possible, then it’s covered with a traditional fabric jacket reminiscent of vintage Western Electric wire. It looks very nice and it also provides mechanical damping.

Why Litz wire? Litz wire consists of many runs of individually insulated wire in a woven configuration that ensures there is no inner or outer strands of wire. This is important to prevent skin effect, where the higher frequencies tend to only be conducted at the outer perimeter of the wire. So, the impedance for round wire increases with frequency, even if you increase the gauge of the wire! ZenWave 14g litz wire consists of over 1000 runs of individually insulated UPOCC copper! 

The design goal for Litz wire, the reason for its invention is to reduce impedance at high frequencies. This is important for ground wire because the goal of grounding is to minimize potential between component grounds, and this is important at all frequencies because high-frequency noise is also an issue in audio systems for various reasons. So, Litz wire presents a more even impedance from DC to very high frequencies.  

Reducing impedance in ground connections reduces noise in a linear manner, following Ohm’s Law: V=IR, or voltage = current x resistance. Impedance is resistance at higher frequencies with capacitance and inductance taken into account and behaves in the same way as resistance. In this case, V is a noise voltage created when current flows between grounds. Controlling current flow is difficult as the source is either unknown or will take physical modification of a component to address it, such as leakage currents from transformers to chassis. What we can control is the resistance and impedance. ZenWave Still Ground cables offer ideal electrical characteristics for a ground cable, and unlike ground cables made with conventional wire, Still Ground cables will be effective at much higher frequencies.  

How to order: ZenWave Still Ground Cables will be available in a variety of gauges to fit the application.

Pricing 14g 11g 8g
Cable $15/ft $35/ft $75/ft
includes techflex jacket
$100 $150 $200
Connectors Price varies by type

There are so many connectors available for different applications so for now the cables will be configured and priced as custom cables, just send me a message at  and let me know what you need! I have a range of affordably priced bananas, spades, USB plugs, AC plugs, RCA, and XLR plugs.