Clear Bass Cables

Clear Bass cables offer stunning clarity, dynamics, and definition when used for woofer and subwoofer frequencies. They add less warmth and fullness than pure copper, which results in better resolution and sharper, more defined leading edges. These are a better match for high end systems than similarly priced pure copper cables as the character of the bass will match the mids and highs, without spending big $ on top-of-the-line cables, which are difficult to justify for subwoofer and bass use.

Clear Bass cables use silver-plated copper wire with teflon insulation in a very low-inductance geometry. The connectors used are high quality pro-audio units, such as Switchcraft RCA plugs and Neutrik silver-plated XLR plugs. The AC power cable plugs are Furutech FI-15(R)+ with rhodium plated copper contacts.

I have worked hard to make sure Clear Bass cables don’t add any undesirable artifacts such as brightness, splash, grain, or harshness. This can be an issue with silver plated copper, but it depends on the particular use and design. Clear Bass cables are only clear, no harsh, no splash!

Clear Bass cables are also a great choice for those looking for a very clear and neutral cable that isn’t excessively warm for a reasonable price. These cables are fantastically good for the price if your priority is clarity and resolution.


Clear Bass Power Cables are made using wire of excessive gauge for the application to ensure the fastest possible instantaneous current delivery. All three legs of the power cable are 9 gauge. The plugs used are genuine Furutech FI-15+ with copper contacts and rhodium plating.

These are fantastic power cables and I think some folks will prefer them over any pure copper cable, because they add less warmth, allowing the spatial cues to form a more immersive soundstage and the fine detail to produce a more realistic timbre. Out of the entire Clear Bass cable lineup these are exceptional cables for full-range use as well as subwoofer use.

These are very flexible cables that are thin and easy to handle.

Pricing is $299 for 1 meter length and $75/meter for additional length.


Clear Bass Interconnect Cables are made using 15 gauge legs, which is overkill, but this seems to work very well for line level and speaker level bass performance. There is a lot more energy in bass frequencies, and this applies to the electrical signal in cables as well as what you hear when the music is playing.

Cables are available in several configurations…

  • RCA cables using Switchcraft RCA plugs.
  • XLR cables using Neutrik silver-plated XLR plugs.
  • REL cables, intended for use with REL subwoofers. These are available in:
  • Spade to Speakon
  • Banana to Speakon
  • Speakon to Speakon

REL cables are made using gold plated spades and locking bananas from DH Labs, and high quality metal-body Speakon connectors, which cost 3-4x the plastic plugs REL uses for OEM cables.

The big difference with Clear Bass vs REL is less warmth and better definition. The bass won’t sound as full, but it’s more accurate and defined, with sharper leading edges. The OEM cables sound soft and full in comparison.

Pricing is $199/meter + $50/m for additional length for most cables.

REL cables add $20, Banana to Speakon add $50. Bananas are high quality locking plugs from DH Labs.

TO ORDER: Until the Clear Bass Cables get on the cart system please contact to place an order. Let us know what you want and we’ll get back to you with a paypal invoice. I can also take credit cards over the phone at 303-437-4581. If you have any questions or want to request a demo please send an email as well. Thanks!