Custom Cables & Phono Cables

We are capable of making virtually any cable you may need!

Phono cables are a special design derived from my standard interconnect cables with a more compact bundle of signal wires + a specially designed shielding system that minimizes capacitance and maximizes shielding effectiveness.

Pure, unbleached cotton is used between the signal wire bundle and the shielding material to minimize the contribution of cable dielectric material. Any configuration and length is available, there are too many options to offer online so please contact me to go over your requirements and get a price.

We also make:

  1. Adapter cables to go to/from one type of plug to another
  2. Cables to adapt RCA cables to binding posts for Chord Dave DAC users
  3. Custom internal wire for your speakers/crossovers
  4. Supply any Furutech binding posts for the project
  5. Long versions of many of our cables – recently we made a shielded D2 Ultra XLR pair about 50 ft long!

Please contact me for information about any type of cable that is not shown on the website