Hi! I am David Cahoon, the founder of ZenWave Audio. I have been into high-fi audio since I was a child and greatly enjoy the do-it-yourself (DIY) aspect of the hobby. I built my first cables about 20 years ago and have continuously been improving them since then. I have a Mechanical Engineering degree from the University of Colorado at Boulder, and before I got my degree I owned a welding and auto shop, so I have always been a hands-on guy who likes to do things myself. The cables ZenWave builds are neutral and accurate, with the goal of achieving the highest fidelity possible without introducing any harshness or glare that could cause listening fatigue. I do this by employing the best designs combined with the best materials possible.

We build high end cables using the best parts available from Neotech, Furutech, WBT and Duelund. Our cables are hand built in the USA. We are upfront and honest about what goes into our products and believe we are offering the best value in cables available today. Our goal is to offer cables that perform at an extremely high level for a reasonable price. Most cable companies’ products are 3-5x the price of ours for a similar quality cable, although most companies do not offer a product that is competitive with our highest end cables at any price.

On the subject of the wire we use in our cables, Neotech is the only company licensed to produce Ohno Continuous Cast (OCC) wire. Furukowa recently discontinued their OCC wire production and has switched to a new technology that is less expensive but inferior to OCC. The wire and connectors used in many of my cables are made of Ultra-Pure OCC (UPOCC) copper, silver and/or silver/gold alloy. The purity of UPOCC metals is estimated at 6N (99.9999%) or greater purity. Those who claim greater purity than 6N are “estimating” purity levels and cannot prove their claims as it is beyond our ability to measure. UPOCC cast metals are a single crystal of metal, with no grain boundaries. This eliminates distortion caused by electrons jumping gaps and navigating impurities in the atomic structure, resulting in a wire with measurably improved conductivity. UPOCC copper has been measured at about 3% greater conductivity than IACS (International Annealed Copper Standard).

The audible result of using OCC wire is a cable that adds no harshness, grain, or other undesirable artifacts that cause listening fatigue while maintaining the fine detail present in the music. UPOCC copper has much less warmth and far greater detail than regular copper. The UPOCC copper litz-type wire used in the power cables, speaker cables and some of the interconnects more closely resembles the performance of silver but without any harshness and with better tone. UPOCC silver has absolutely no harshness, grain or “thinness” of tone associated with lesser purity silver while retaining all of the fine detail present in the signal.

Two of the wires I use are ZenWave OEM products, made exclusively for me by Neotech. The first is a 14 gauge, cotton-jacketed, litz-type UPOCC copper wire. I have the same wire in 20 gauge as well. The litz construction eliminates skin effect and allows greater resolution in the mid to high frequencies vs. conventional wire. The second is a 26 gauge UPOCC silver/gold alloy wire used in interconnects and speaker cables. The details of this wire’s metallurgy and construction are kept confidential. My UPOCC silver/gold alloy wire is probably the best wire for audio use available today. Both the 14g copper litz and 26 gauge silver/gold wire are for sale by the foot for DIY’ers.

Our product information pages detail which wire and connectors are used in specific cables. I am delighted to be using such high quality products.

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