D2 Interconnect


RCA Plugs: Furutech FP-108(R) UPOCC copper center pin with rhodium plating

WBT 0102 platinum-plated silver for the D2 Ultra

XLR Plugs: Furutech FP-700 Series with gold plating

Furutech CF-600 Series with rhodium plating for the D2 Ultra XLR

Signal Wires: Neotech 20 gauge EC-UPOCC cotton insulated wire

Ground Wires: Neotech 20 gauge EC-UPOCC cotton insulated wire

Introductory offer: Save $100 on the D2 Ultra RCA! 

*regular price .5 meter $549 and 1 meter $599

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The new ZenWave D2 is meant to be the best copper interconnect cable available at any price. It uses a combined 17 gauge of Neotech’s UPOCC copper litz wire for both signal and ground, which are comprised of over 1000 individually insulated runs of 44g UPOCC copper wire.

The Ultra version of the D2 uses the best connectors money can buy. WBT 0102 RCA plugs ($408 retail) and Furutech CF-601/602 XLR plugs ($550 retail). The regular D2 is an amazing value for the money, the Ultra option does add expense but represents the best possible copper based interconnect cable possible. The D2 Ultra RCA cable was compared to a copper Jorma cable that cost almost $5k during it’s development, and I am happy to say I have achieved performance very close to the Jorma for approximately 1/10th of it’s cost. My D4 was considerably better than the Jorma in terms of resolution, dynamics and clarity, but of course is neutral while the Jorma retains some warmth, although less than the D2.

Compared to the D3 and D4 cables, the D2 is warmer and richer sounding, but not as resolving. The D3 and D4 are meant to be the most resolving and neutral cables possible, but some do not like silver based cables and prefer the presentation of copper cables. The D2 provides a cable for those who prefer copper but also want as much detail and resolution as possible.

This cable costs a lot more to build, but is a significant improvement over the D1.

Introductory offer Save $100 on the D2 Ultra RCA! 

*regular price .5 meter $549 and 1 meter $599

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Weight 24 oz
Dimensions 8 × 5 × 1 in

.5 meter, 1 meter

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