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Continuing ZenWave Audio’s mission of bringing you the absolute best value in cables available today I have been looking for an alternative to my hand-made speaker cables that would offer a more economic alternative. After discussing this with Neotech and considering all options I have decided to offer the Harmonic Technologies Pro Reference Line of Speaker Cables manufactured by Neotech using UPOCC copper insulated with PE.

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What makes this cable a better choice vs the multitude of other UPOCC copper cables?

1. Excellent geometry and stranding. Cables are made from optimal gauges individually insulated with PE and arranged in a geometry that balances LCR, no worries about too-high capacitance, the dull sound you get from larger gauge conductors, etc… it’s a very good design!

2. No silver plating. Many other companies offer silver plated cable… DH Labs, Wireworld, Neotech, etc. I and many others prefer not to have silver plated wire in speaker cables. Sometimes, in some systems it works just fine, but in others it can sound splashy and have some glare. The pure UPOCC copper in the HT Pro line of cables will work well in just about any system.

3. Price/Value. For the amount of UPOCC copper you get this can’t be beat.

Compared to my SMC cables the HT Pro line is very close. My SMC cables use teflon insulation which is 5x more expensive vs PE, between that and the huge amount of labor involved the HT Pro cables are much less expensive but close in performance.

The cable will be available bulk or terminated. It is made primarily of multiple runs of 24g UPOCC copper in PE insulation so there is some labor involved in terminating the cable. It’s not difficult but it is time consuming.

These cables are also intended to be used as a bi-wire/bi-amp pair, I like this solution better vs the larger 4-conductor cables that can be terminated either bi-wire or regular, bi-wire should be 2 separate cables ideally.

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Pro 11, Pro 13

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