Furutech FPX(Cu) Receptacle


This receptacle is sold with burn-in using our AudioDharma Cable Cooker! This receptacle takes a long time to burn-in and can be very disturbing to some folks as the burn-in process happens and the sound of the system changes. Burn-in with the Cable Cooker does not completely eliminate these effects but reduces the magnitude and time it takes for the new receptacle to burn-in.



This is the best value-oriented receptacle on the market, and provides a significant step-up from common heavy duty or hospital-grade receptacles.


All non-magnetic α (Alpha) Phosphor bronze Conductor
All models c(UL) approved

Unique pin insert construction ensures increased contact areas,
stable transmission and the tightest contacts in the Audio industry and they won’t scratch or mark the plating on male AC connectors!

Accommodates cable diameters from 10 AWG to 24 AWG.
Dimensions: 104.2mm×33.5mm (L×W), 28.2mm thick.
Materials: Main body: Nylon and Fiber Glass
Cover: Black polycarbonate
Connections: Set-screw
Non-magnetic Non-plated Phosphor Bronze conductort: 0.8 mm

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