D4 Interconnect


RCA Plugs: WBT 0102 Ag with custom damped locking barrel and teflon tape added to the threads. The best RCA plugs in the world are made even better!

XLR Plugs: Furutech CF-600 Series with rhodium plating and stainless steel/carbon fiber body.

Signal Wires: Neotech 26g UPOCC silver/gold alloy with teflon insulation.

Ground WIres: Neotech 26g UPOCC silver with teflon insulation.

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The custom Neotech silver/gold alloy signal wire used in the D4 is my own OEM product unavailable anywhere else! While alloy wire has been produced before, this is the only one made using the Ohno Continuous Casting (OCC) method, which produces a far superior wire to normal drawn wire.

This cable has all the positive attributes of UPOCC silver with a more realistic tone and warmth. Compared to the D3 cable it is even more accurate, precise, and neutral. It is also not as forgiving or laid back vs the D3 cable. A strong point with this cable is tone… UPOCC silver is amazingly accurate but the tone is a little on the thin side, the silver/gold alloy has a warm and amazingly realistic tone that is superior to any other wire I have used. Consider that the top end cables from WireWorld and Siltech use UPOCC silver and my cable uses the much more expensive and custom OCC silver/gold alloy signal wire, the D4 is a not only one of the best interconnect cables on the market at any price, it is an amazing value.

UPDATE! ZenWave RCA Cables with WBT 0102 Ag RCA plugs will also have a new carbon fiber damper instead of the white viscoelastic dampers. They look amazing! 🙂

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Weight 24 oz
Dimensions 8 × 5 × 1 in
Connection Type



.5 meter, 1 meter

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