D3 and D3.5 Interconnects


RCA Plugs:

D3: Furutech FP-108(R) UPOCC copper center pin, rhodium plating.

D3.5: WBT 0102 Ag  Platinum plated pure silver conductors.

XLR Plugs:

D3: Furutech FP-700 Series with gold plating.

D3.5: Furutech CF-600 Series with rhodium plating and stainless steel/carbon fiber body.

Signal Wires: Neotech 26 gauge UPOCC silver/gold alloy with teflon insulation

Ground Wires: Neotech 24 gauge UPOCC copper with teflon insulation

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The Neotech silver/gold alloy is a brand new product! While alloy wire has been produced before, this is the only one made using the Ohno Continuous Casting (OCC) method, which produces a far superior wire to normal drawn wire. The OCC silver/gold alloy wire is further customized for me, with a solid-core conductor, teflon insulation and an undisclosed silver/gold ratio.

This cable has many of the positive attributes of UPOCC silver with a more realistic tone and warmth. A strong point with this cable is tone… UPOCC silver is amazingly accurate but the tone is a little on the thin side, the silver/gold alloy has a warm and amazingly realistic tone that is superior to any other wire I have used. The UPOCC copper ground wire makes this cable more affordable and gives it a warmer tone vs the D4.

The D3.5 version upgrades the connectors to what is used in the D4, and it’s performance is closer to the D4 as a result. Both RCA and XLR upgrades are significant.

UPDATE! ZenWave RCA Cables with WBT 0102 Ag RCA plugs will also have a new carbon fiber damper instead of the white viscoelastic dampers. They look amazing! 🙂

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Weight 24 oz
Dimensions 8 × 5 × 1 in

.5 meter, 1 meter

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