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17 Gauge $39 (per ft)

14 Gauge $75 (per ft)

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SL Speaker Cables: UPOCC Copper Litz Construction

Gauges: 17, 14

These cables are made with Neotech’s UPOCC copper litz wire in 20g and 14g. The 14g wire is my OEM product. The 17 and 11 gauge cables are made using a 4 strand braid of the 20g and 14g wires respectively. The wires are constructed using 44g upocc copper wires that are individually insulated and braided around a flat film core. The 14g wire is made of about 1060 strands of the 44g wire. The wire is constructed in this way to eliminate skin effect, where the higher frequencies travel closer to the surface of the wire, and was originally used for RF transmission applications. This results in a clearer sound when used for audio, reducing the amount of warmth and coloration imparted by copper conductors. The result is a cable that performs at a higher level than most copper speaker cables, performing at a level closer to silver, but without the typical harshness and thin sound associated with lower quality silver wire. These cables consistently perform at a higher level vs 4N silver speaker cables and are more affordable for the same gauge. This makes these cables a very good value for the money and the next best thing to my upocc silver and silver/gold alloy cables.

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Weight 24 oz
Dimensions 11 × 8 × 5 in
Length (Feet)

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11, 14, 17, 20

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