Audio Bacon Best in Class Award: ZenWave PSR-14

This cable surprised me – it breaks some of the rules. One is that it’s clean – but raw. Qualities that are usually not found together. It’s also quiet and dense – but extremely detailed and speedy. I would consider it a neutral cable, but it has a character that relates more to what I hear in the real world. The only thing that breaks that illusion is the cooler tone.

A Technical Achievement
The ZenWave PS-14 excels in everything technical. As such, it exhibits some of the most lifelike experiences in the land of audio cables. It has fantastic focus, textural acuity, and transient clarity. You hear deep into the music – but aren’t distracted. There are plenty of wonderful gradations and nuances glued together with an elastic coherence. It has weight and form – and no signs of grain or edge.

If you want a good example of how natural, full-bodied, and detailed a power cable could sound – give the ZenWave PS-14 a listen. It’s not just the details but how those details are revealed. It’s a very honest cable that will introduce you to the world of unheard insights.

Who should buy this cable?
If you value a marbled-neutral cable with lifelike qualities. Aside from the tone, there isn’t much that sounds artificial about this cable. Especially at this price point. You could spend more for a lot less.

It’s not quite the “white” neutral but more of a grayscale tonal color. Treble is sweeter with a slight roll-off.

Body, pitch black, natural, lifelike, grayscale, liquid, resolving.

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